Ashwini nakshatra in vedic astrology


Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. According to Brahma Vaivartaka Puranam these 27 nakshatra are the daughters of Daksha Praja pathi, Chandra was partial to Rohini amongst his wives. Daksha Prajapathi was angry with this cursed Chandra and he started waning and waxing causing damage in his luster which Chandra was very proud of. Each nakshatra has 4 padhas and characteristics of all will be dependent on which padha they are in.

Each nakshatra has a lord and sub lord and very beautiful story behind its description.

1 – Ashwini Nakshatra

They perform healing and this star represents the healers especially with medicines. Ashwini Kumaras are believed to be born from Surya through his wife Sanga.

This is the first nakshatra of zodiac belt in the very first rashi Aries 0. It is ruled by Ketu which the south node of Moon.

Ashwini Nakshatra | Astrology | Esoteric Cosmology

Aries is the sign where Sun is exalted at 10 degree, so for those people who born between April 14 to 28th can be seen as seem to very calm but they are actually very stubborn due to the exalted Sun. The exalted sun would give the native fearless nature and strong will-power.

The person would be highly ambitious and possess good leadership qualities. He would attain high laurels in life and would be highly successful because of exalted Sun or Surya in his horoscope.

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Sometimes they perform unexpected actions. A major weakness of the natives of Ashwini Nakshatrais that they get very excited and are short-tempered.

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They do not think before acting and regret later. They also take revenge from their enemies when hurt. The natives of Ashwini Nakshatra can not be influenced by force and pressure.

They can be won over by love and affection. People of this Nakshatra prove to be good and moral friends. They stay away from fraud and never cheat on anyone. They are true friends and are ready to help their friends in every possible way. They look strict from outside but are very soft-hearted people from inside.

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They experience a lot of struggle in their childhood. They are determinate and if they decide to do something, then they try their best to accomplish it.

Ashwini Nakshatra or Nakshatram

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