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I researched alot because I believe in the app and finally I found that this app is giving wrong result. Option to download kundali available but not working. Not clearly written that its paid. And charges are too high for PDF kindali. Price should be reasonable.

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This can end up very very badly for people who uses it. I would give zero stars if I could. The feedback section does not work. The app keeps telling me my sun sign is Gemini when I was born in July. This makes it impossible for me to be a Gemini. Luckily i already know my chart placements. If i did not it would be a tragedy.

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The only thin that was correct from this app is my venus and rising signs. This app is a hot mess! I would really love to use this app but, my sun, moon, and rising signs show up completely wrong in the app. I see that only a few are having this problem with no answers as to why.

Two stars because this is clearly a good app but, it is not working for me. Do not waste your money on such app.

You might contact your local astrologer. I wasted my Rs. The information they provided just a 'pdf generated sheet' could easily be obtained astrology website. Kundali matching showing different results each and every day. Even if we check morning to evening, it is different. Pl fix it.

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Sometimes it is showing kuja dosham and sometimes not. Gets stuck whenever I try to add birth time. This app used to be good. Trust not in these fake gurus and fake astrologers but in God instead. Reports are downright garbage and meant to make you fear and pay these snake oil salesman money so their pockets are satisfied. Switched from an android to an iPhone and was never able to retrieve all of the charts that I had in there.

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